Some of today’s and ancient tribes are or were able to perform better than today’s world champions. For example, allegedly they ran faster than Usain Bolt. How can we get in touch and unlock these kinds of human body potentials? The secret might lie in reversing the degeneration of fat metabolism.

We have produced an exclusive extract from seawater, full of natural minerals, healthy fats, and a complete protein substitute found only in meat. It can be used for everyday needs. Previous testing demonstrated the superior results with the use of the preparation X309, especially in endurance sports, with records on 24- and 48-hour races and high-profile races at 2,000 and 1,000 km distances.

It has been proved even in short recreational “carb” sports that the use of solution X309 has brought higher tissue elasticity. The findings of an Australian anthropologist Dr. Peter McAllister (in the book “Manthropology”) point to the real weakness of modern man compared with our ancestors and the superiority of sports results. Usain Bolt is the world record holder with a maximum speed of about 44 km/h, which is a bit slower than the former “hunter” whose hunting prints McAllister found in 20,000-year-old muddy lake sediments. Or, if we compare the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda, who jump higher than the world record (2.45 m, Tutsi 2.52 m) during initiation ceremonies. Also, a Neanderthal woman would easily defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak condition. And do not forget – these ancient people accomplished this in their daily work. You can only imagine what you could achieve with today’s practice sessions, super sneakers and advanced sports facilities!

How is this possible? We believe that this happened due to the evolutionary degeneration of fat metabolism, which our solution X309 supports in coming alive again. Sport is at its maximum level with its “hydrocarbons,” is a border that can be crossed only by a “fat athlete” who possesses the optimum three-level metabolism: fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The X309 solution complements the human body with optimal fat burning.

X309 drink or hard version (cookie with 1200 kCal) contains 82 of the 103 of all chemical elements, many organic compounds, minerals and perfect proteins for the human body.