Striving for self-sufficiency, having just a source of food and source of energy, is not enough. We are offering an all-new upgrade: the intelligent integration of many components, municipal coordination, and innovative, win-win rewarding processes.

We have developed a unique program for self-sufficient communities that can be applied to scientific and governmental/municipal implementation – Artificial Intelligence Smart Program for Local Energy Support (ASPLES). This platform will provide support for new Biomass Ultima cogeneration plants, in combination with other synergetic projects.

The smart contracts and block chain technology program will allow the state or local community to calculate and intelligently control how many resources can locally be allocated. It will promote renewable energy creation and distribution, considering all subsequent tax inflows from renewables, CO2 commitments, national forestation scheme (and cleaning greenhouses), sustainable green jobs, the independence of the local community, the accelerated production of locally produced organic food, etc.