Today’s technologies allow us to transform waste into added value products. With our unique biomass transformation, wood waste is turned into high-demand products, such as electricity and organic carbon, in an inexpensive and nature-friendly way.

Two of the greatest global problems are what to do with ever-increasing “garbage” in the form of worn out and discarded products, and how to stop the exploitation of the Earth. In the search for an answer, many have tried. We persisted and developed a workable solution.

Striving for self-sufficiency, having just a source of food and source of energy, is not enough. We are offering an all-new upgrade: the intelligent integration of many components, municipal coordination, and innovative, win-win rewarding processes.

Sometimes the solution is directly in front of us. Such as, where to get clean drinking water? From oceans, of course. Unfortunately, known technologies are not able to produce drinking water to be distributed with acceptable costs. Until now!

While it seems that the whole world is focusing on cheaper energy sources for vehicles, we are thinking a step ahead: how to provide inexpensive, safe and effective mass transportation, not limited by the Earth’s surface.