Experts have predicted for some time that the monetary system is undergoing radical changes and significant crises. One of the solutions that is slowly entering the financial sphere is digital or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like). Despite its vast potential, the crypto market remains confusing and complicated, and this is why there are problems and abuses. In the standardization of procedures and global aid in regulating the market, we have developed a professional platform that will help to improve the market’s situation.

The digitalization of the financial market will appear, at least initially, as a hybrid of old and new: classic, fiat currencies on the one hand, and digital (crypto) currencies on the other. The combinations of these two completely different platforms also require new financial instruments. They must be safe, reliable, easy to use and user-friendly. A debit card is also one of the key financial instruments for mass use.

The debit card platform “MonaLisa”, which will simultaneously enable secure and easy payment in standard and digital currencies, is only the first step towards a much wider and global financial system. Many of the financial services we use today can be made more user-friendly, cheaper and quicker.