PatentReal Corporation Founder, Roberto Hroval, Delivers Slovenia’s Best Quality Desalinized Drinking Water

Thanks to Roberto Hroval, the founder of PatentReal Corporation, Slovenia’s coastal region enjoys the highest quality desalinized drinking water at the lowest price.
PatentReal corporation founder, Roberto Hroval, delivers Slovenia’s highest quality desalinized drinking water at the lowest price. Safe drinking water is a key strategic asset for the earth and her inhabitants. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 liters of water usage per day per person, which include potable water per day per person of, on average, 100 liters for those in European Union countries. To meet the need for safe drinking water in Slovenia, Roberto Hroval, entrepreneur and founder of PatentReal Corporation was called upon.

The Founder of PatentReal Corporation Mr. Roberto Hroval Expands the Company to EU and China

In general, the founder of any company lays the foundation stone and he is generally the mastermind behind the organization. It holds true for PatentReal Corporation’s Founder Mr. Roberto Hroval, whose efforts have taken the company to EU and China.
Slovenia, EU – September 20, 2018 – PatentReal Corp. delivers a wide range of project right from green energy projects to even technology-related projects. Even, the company has the right expertise in delivering non-profit projects and tissue rejuvenation to regeneration and lot more. With the leadership of the founder Mr. Roberto Hroval, the company has been offering hard-to-find solutions with the top-quality output. Particularly, they share the best expertise in projects related to green energy.

PatentReal Corp launches new emission-free biomass technology

Technology-driven solutions provider, PatentReal Corp., HK, launches the Biomass Ultima technology, a new emission-free biomass technology.
PatentReal Corp is a technology-driven solutions provider that has made a name for itself thanks to its innovative solutions across different industries. The company recently took a giant step towards solving the energy problem faced by different countries in the world while keeping the earth clean and safe with the launch of a new emission-free biomass technology called the Biomass Ultima technology, which has been predicted to make Eastern Europe the provider of “the best solutions for green energy.”


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