The debit card platform “MonaLisa”, which will simultaneously enable secure and easy payment in standard and digital currencies, is only the first step towards a much wider and global financial system. Many of the financial services we use today can be made more user-friendly, cheaper and quicker.

“Mona Lisa+” will be available as a unique phone application (App), which will turn the smartphone into a personal bank, with fast and direct access to the most popular banking services.

In addition to the already well-established payment using the QR code, the decentralized system will also provide intelligent loans – just by clicking on the button and passing the demanding, tedious and costly procedures.

Applying a loan for many still presents a stressful, and embarrassing test: begging for money, making us feel very bad … time-consuming fulfilment of the role … “interrogation” of a bank official … several days of tedious waiting for an answer.

Not only does the applicant have to completely provide the bank with an abnormally high guarantee of repayment – or even a guarantor – but also does not know until the last moment whether its application will be approved.

We hope that, even with our help, these times will soon pass!

The user of the telephone and computer application “MonaLisa +” will be able to select a certain amount in the desired currency by pressing the button. Through the AI (Artificial Intelligence) interface and reliable digital control, the system will automatically grant credit and deposit it to account. Funds will be available to the user in 3-5 seconds.

However, this is only the first of the advantages of our platform. The “Mona Lisa +” application will also allow the user to easily, securely and affordably pay for everyday goods and accounts – regardless of whether they will want to settle them with digital or conventional currencies.

Over time, other services that are currently offered by banking and other institutions will also be added. The end result will be a complete and the most advantageous offer in one place, accessible with a few clicks.

The goal is to offer the user as many selected and favourable services as possible, to save him from painful search and long-lasting procedures. If necessary, “MonaLisa +” will be added to other services, for example, insurance.