Some elderly people, after retirement, become passive or even dependent on others, even if they can choose otherwise. The LIS project will enable the re-activation and assimilation of the older generation into society, while at the same time improving their quality of life, well-being and health.

Learning Independence for Seniors (LIS and short) is a non-profit program, with which we have developed a platform to improve the financial, social and cultural status of seniors.

The platform is designed that the group of seniors will be able to receive the knowledge of computer and social skills until 2020, to connect them with other peers to think together as a group to find any business, cultural, community or social idea that will help them and others. Each group will work in accordance with their own knowledge and skills.

First, they will learn to connect with each other (education and socializing). Second, they will devote themselves to the development of an idea (active and integrated thinking, the activation of certain brain centres, the promotion of wider operation and mobilization). Third, they will launch the idea to the market (self-financial impact, sense of usefulness and belonging to society, and an enjoyable time in general).