Our food chain quality can be improved. The worldwide problem of animal breeding, reflected by stress, is the resulting death of an average of 20% of all chickens and pigs during their breeding period. We believe this can be profoundly improved by simple solution in the form of “concentrated nature”.

The problem is not only reflected on the side of the substantial economic deficit of the farmer-breeder but also causes a burden within the food chain due to the type of antibiotics and other chemical preparations for reducing mortality used for this purpose.

We designed the first device in the world, K400, which by reducing stress on breeding animals, naturally and actively reduces mortality and improves the quality of meat in the food chain. It increases the active antimicrobial effects and reduces dustiness and the extent of other harmful gases in the room, as well as the release of CO2 gas into the atmosphere, and contributes to greater humane treatment of the animals.

Such an innovative device will create new jobs with high added value, reduce the farmer’s debts, and improve the food chain with more efficient and quality meat production. The microbiological safety and the quality of both poultry and pork are critical factors for producers, traders and consumers, as both factors include the so-called “microbial contamination” on all meat and food products.

An innovative device would, during the breeding period of the animal, contribute to a substantial improvement for the health of the consumer, also due to the emergence of highly pathogenic diseases, such as, for example, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

For this reason, so-called “bio-safety measures” have become crucial for the better functioning and quality of meat production in a competitive world.