While it seems that the whole world is focusing on cheaper energy sources for vehicles, we are thinking a step ahead: how to provide inexpensive, safe and effective mass transportation, not limited by the Earth’s surface.

The future of transportation is waiting for a revolution. It will happen in the air, not on wheels! For the year 2024, we are preparing a project for the serial production of the first two-person FCX01 air vehicle, operating on the principle of implosion.

Today’s technological solutions are based on physical forces similar to those in the effect of explosion or sudden release of energy (reactive or propellant mode of thrust). The smaller test air vehicle on which we worked was based on an implosion – the opposite of an explosion. It concentrates matter and energy while consuming less fuel, offers better stability and, above all, practicality and safety.

A useful air vehicle under the working name FCX01 will be in a shape of a flying saucer, with a diameter of 6 meters, without visible drive units. It would be able to fly at a speed of 210 km/h, at heights up to 400 m, fully automatically.

The FCX01 will have room for two passengers with a luggage department with a total weight of 210 kg, which will sit in a transparent dome under the vessel. When landing, the vehicle will lean its telescopic “legs” against the landing surface, the dome will open upwards, and the passengers will be able to step out. Since its engine is contained in a closed system, the FCX01 will be able to land in an urban environment without the risk of injury to passers-by or any obstacles.