Rise like
a Phoenix,
fight like
a Lion

Our Mission

We invest our energy, knowledge, and resources into technologies for the practical and evolutionary progress for humanity, or for helping people to accelerate their personal growth, development or the enhancement of positive energy, consciousness and confidence in a better future for all. We also support new and innovative projects for the progress and growth of families and individuals that need help. This includes aiding the growth of the global society.

Company Structure

Company PatentReal

About the Team

A group of visionaries, scientists, entrepreneurs and experts, with 20+ years of experiences in the industry. The PatentReal team is dedicated to a science, technologies and improvements, that are or will represent the game changer in the industry, will make new steps towards environmental improvements, and well being of all living species on the planet.

Founder’s Note

“Together with our team of renowned experts, I am very proud and honoured to supervise such great projects that will heavily improve our lives and preserve the planet. We live in an exciting time when technology allows us to do more, have more and be more. But we have to do it without exploiting the planet or promoting any form of destruction. That’s why PatentReal Corp. exclusively supports green technologies, breakthrough innovations and an important social projects.”

Roberto Hroval, Founder and Chairman of PatentReal Corporation, HK