To be more effective at work, people should reduce their stress levels. The same goes for being healthier and happier. So we thought that if stress is a cause of many problems and almost everybody needs to de-stress, why not offer a highly effective, state-of-the-art stress-reducing solution, complimentary for all people?

The Antistress Capsule is the first technologically advanced, mobile revitalization chamber around the globe, with the aim of offering stressed out people a top-notch anti-stress program, for free!

Its primary task will be to drastically reduce stressful factors (up to 95%) and restore homeostasis of the user in natural way: with unique sounds, light patterns, and plant extracts (scents), without any side effects. The goal of this project, starting in the EU, is to offer free access to the Antistress Capsule globally with the aim of developing higher standards of living for our society.

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