Today’s technologies allow us to transform waste into added value products. With our unique biomass transformation, wood waste is turned into high-demand products, such as electricity and organic carbon, in an inexpensive and nature-friendly way.

There are quite a few biomass technologies in the market, but most of them don’t make a lot of profit and aren’t reliable or environmentally friendly. We are proud to offer the next generation technology, with the highest utilization rate on the market, and a totally green solution – Biomass Ultima.

Our production facility, based in Slovenia, Europe, founded by a highly experienced team, is producing biomass cogeneration systems for electricity, and organic carbon production, which are in high demand. It has very robust and easy-to-maintain machinery, offers the world’s first closed loop operation (no chimney, no waste), and can accept low-quality wood. In addition to these technical advantages, the technology is also supported by high-quality guaranty for investors and professional technical service.

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